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Posted on May 9, 2011 at 04:17:54 AM by overserve2

Any person on this board that believes any of the games are fixed, should not be allowed on this site. Its ridiculous to even think that. Yes during the strike and maybe some years after there was game fixing, which led to even some players going to jail, but today, give me a break.

To fix a jai alai game is nearly impossible for the following reasons

1. 16 players in a game would all have to be on the same page.

2. The players manager or assistant is in the cage

3. It is impossible to bring in a number in exact order, impossible

4. The game would like absolutely look like a joke, no one can drop the ball on purpose, and make it look normal, human error would come in to play and eventually one or more points would get messed up.

5. WHY?????? There is maybe 2000 dollars in the pool, with most tri's paying 200 dollars on average i would say. So your telling me that 16 players divide up the 200 dollars, that comes out to a whopping 12.50 each, yeah that sounds worth it, when ur risking your job in front of the manager, being caught would not only see you lose your job possible arrested and possible sent back to your country if your a foriegn player here on a visa.

There are a couple idiots that sit in the stands in every fronton that always cry this is fixed, they are cry baby bettors, and they still come back, but they hurt the game by spreading this stupid lie that gives jai alai a bad name. When people are at the fronton for the first time and they hear someone say this is fixed then they get it in their head and dont return and that hurts jai alai. Every jerk that says its fixed needs to try to put on a basket, The pro players in every fronton are very good, if you believe it or not, yes human error is involved and you cant catch every ball but , ive seen major league shortstops boot groundballs through their legs, and nba stars miss free throws, but they also didnt have a basket strapped to their hand with a couple inches to work with and a ball doing 120 mph.

This game is harder then other games very hard, i hear people say golf is hard, but the ball is sitting on a tee, answer this question how come a mlb pitcher can throw a fastball 100 mph on one pitch and the next pitch 78 curveball and 40,000 people can scream their heads off, but a guy hitting a little ball on a tee needs complete silence lol, but that discussion is for another time.

Heres a better one, i see guys in frontons that i know play amatuer jai alai and they cant catch two balls in a row, throw a rebote, or hit the front wall from the 10 line, but they sit there and yell at the pros, have some damn respect and take a look at how these other guys, human just like you, can do something that you cant, appreciate it and respect it.

No Jai alai games are fixed in this day and age, get a life and stop watching if you think so


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