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No touch the screen rule at Orlando...more info please

Posted on January 11, 2012 at 01:18:08 AM by Jim

I just read a great post on MERRY FESTIVAL, in which FlJaiAlaiFan posted that Orlando has instituted a new rule that players can not use the raised cushions to step up to catch a pelota, nor they can touch the screen! Are you serious?

Evidently, management is afraid the retractable screen will suffer damage if players jump onto it. I can't offer an opinion either way, because I know nothing about the durability of this screen, but I bet some others may know. Steve R? FlJaiAlaiFan? Any takers...even Orlando Jai Alai, would love to hear your response to this.

Personally, I was totally surprised to discover this new rule, and now it explains why Sierra I was flagged for catching a pelota and returning it, and the announcer said something like "touch the screen...no good." I was like "huh?" The pelota never touched the screen!?!? This is a shame, really. I will miss those phenomenal plays made by players leaping up on the screen and making those incredible returns.

The new "rule", if you will, is mentioned at the bottom of the rules page in the program as follows:

"CUSHIONS: Jumping upon the safety cushions or using the cushions to gain an advantage constitutes a foul and the point will be awarded to the other player or team."

The loop hole in this rule, is that the rule does not mention that a player can jump over the raised cushion/stump, onto the screen, to catch the pelota and return it, which I've seen, and then spring off the screen, back down to the floor, never touching or using the raised cushion/stump. This is a can of worms. Opinions???

SIDE NOTE: Also in the program, on each game page, it states that POST POSITIONS ARE RANDOMLY SELECTED. I seriously doubt it, but I could be wrong. Mind you, I'm only judging from what I saw Monday night. In every game, Egi, and Foronda played from post 4 or higher. Hernandez had a 5, 7, 2, 2, 5, 5, 8, and 6. It is highly improbably that all three players, basically never played in post 1, 2 or 3 in any doubles games (Hernandez did once). Is that truly random? Could be, could be not. The entries suggest not. Need more info. on this as well.


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