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50 year old Orlando Jai Alai Program

Posted on February 9, 2012 at 00:31:51 AM by Jim

Well...not exactly, but Orlando handed out a January 5, 1962 program--an exact replica--last weekend. The front and back cover are in color. The program cost back then? 25 cents.

There were 11 games, all straight point scoring, and all the games were as follows: 5 post position doubles played to 5 points; 6 post position singles played to 6 points, and the final 11th game was 8 post position doubles played to 7 points. There was win, place, show, quiniela and 'quiniela perfecta' wagering. They called the perfecta a 'quiniela perfecta' back then. There was also a daily double on game 3, but no q-p on that game.

There are also many interesting notes in the program, and one of those states that "the world famous quiniela originated with Jai Alai." I never even knew that!

Also, on the inside cover is an article entitled "THEY LAUGH AT DEATH!" In one portion of the article it is stated that "Many fans have suggsted head gear for the jai alai players." This was, obviously, before they wore helmets. I've never seen jai alai played without them, as I've been going since about 1981 and on. Funny how we take the helmets for granted these days. There are also many other interesting tid bits...I'll share more down the road.


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