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"The Perfect Placement" shot or not?

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 10:06:41 PM by jai bounce

Do you think players have ever practiced the thing they call the Perfect Placement, or is it 100 percent luck/accidently/or just the way the ball bounces? I don't think it's on the list of jai alai shots, plus i never see a high five or high cesta after it happens, all players just leave the court like oh well it happens. let's vote, Thanks for input.

Give your answer about the Perfect Placement.
A) all skill practice makes perfect placement.
B) all luck/accidently/or just the way the ball bounces.
C) 50/50
D) 75 percent luck 25 percent skill
E) 25 percent luck 75 percent skill

My answer is "B"
Thanks for playing.


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