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Re(8): Players taking the money

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 10:34:37 PM by Bada-Bing

C'mon everyone knows it was/is a rarity to issue a fine of that nature. Jai-Alai already gets a bad rap for people assuming its rigged or fixed. There was no way a players' manager or judge was going to feed into that perception by issuing lack of effort fines. That would have done the sport in a long time ago. I know a few players from back in the Hartford Jai-Alai days and spoke to one earlier and asked about fines. In his 5 years as a pro he never saw a player get issued a fine for lack of effort or the lock and feed instances. Fines did exsist but not for those reasons. He said fines were basically given if a player did not report to the fronton on time,foul language on the court, negative interaction with fans and/or judges (mostly instances of spitting and offensive hand signals). There was a case that involved a few players caught sports betting that resulted in fines as well as suspensions.

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