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Re(7): chic-chac vs chula

Posted on March 3, 2011 at 10:49:17 AM by JaiAlaiUSA

In terms of throwing consistent winners, the chula probably has to rank right up there for the vast majority of players. You need power and perfect form to even have a chance to throw one. You also need some incredible aim and probably a little luck.

Think of it this way, with a little math. If a player throws a backhand return from the 12 line and tries to throw a chula they have to throw the pelota a total of 330 feet just to get it to the back wall. That's 110 yards and longer than a football field. Now imagine throwing a ball that far accurately, then imagine doing so with a bounce off of the front wall.

Doesn't sound very easy, especially considering the pelota has to hit the back wall within an inch or two of the floor to guarantee a chula winner. In fact, the chula may rank right up there with a long chip in in the sport of golf in terms of difficulty.

Source: Dania's Mr.Jai-Alai Todd Sorensen

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