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Re(1): chic-chac vs chula

Posted on March 2, 2011 at 01:28:57 PM by Eric C

You can throw chic chacs from the right side or left side. A chic chac hits the floor then wall then floor. If you throw it sidearm or higher you can get the right spin on the ball to throw a chic chac from the left.

A chula is 99.99% going to be thrown from a reverse (left side).

When players throw a reverse to the back they are aiming to hit low on the back wall before hitting the floor, a chula.

When players throw a forehand, or raised left side to the back they are aiming to hit the floor near the back wall first, then the back wall, a chic chac.

Tony is wrong in his explaination. He says of course he knows but I am 100% sure this is correct.


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