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Re(3): Chic-chac, chula and Churruca

Posted on March 2, 2011 at 03:04:14 PM by Bennett

Just about every jai-alai point has a lot more left side throws than right side throws. Sometimes to casual fans they look just 'routine', but in reality the player throwing from the left is generally trying to keep it close to the sidewall and make the opposing backcourter catch it close to the backwall. That's jai-alai 101 right? If you do that and your opponent catches the ball deep and off the sidewall they really can't do much with their throw to hurt you from there. What's great though is when a player puts the ball so close to that sidewall or so deep that it is just perfect placement and even though he is back there, the opposing backcourter lets the ball go, hoping it will come out to his partner for the rebote....but mostly because he knows he probably can't catch the ball. The throw is just too good. And then - BAM! That left throw hits the back wall right at the floor. And "CHULA!" Those are the GREAT chulas!!


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