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Re(1): panchos comments!!!

Posted on August 28, 2011 at 09:51:03 PM by panch0

jajaja!! Im not pancho the player at Orlando! I'm pancho the Phys Ed Teacher who teaches Jai Alai to his students here in Miami!

Let me clarify... I'm calling 'low-lives' only to those that are nagging complainers. I haven't been around this forum in ages but I am sure that there are positive worth while people here!

Robertico, brother, as usual, I think the world of you. Without a doubt you are a bright man and I will always cherish your opinion. Your lucid 'rant' on the state of affairs in the jai alai industry is right on the mark. I like you, also believe that jai alai administrations have done as much as possible under the conditions they were given. I'm even inclined to say, that because of what they have done... we still have jai alai!

I know that at one time admministration at MJA had read this forum but I assure you they haven't in a at least 2 years. Maybe they do at Ft. Pierce but not at MJA. I believe the main reason that they don't read it, is because the poeple on this forum are not the target audience in addition to the incesant nagging. I know that's the reason I no longer come here. Curiosity killed tha cat today!!

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