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panchos comments!!!

Posted on August 27, 2011 at 02:29:54 PM by DumpTruck

1st of all why would you equate most of us in this forum to the LOW LIFES that come out and watch jai alai? that a pretty ballzy comment.. and my oppinion about why miami jai alai and like the place where you attempted to play (orlando jai alai) has gone downhill is.. the integrity of the sport and overall effort and care has all but evaporated and in orlando jai alai"s case alot of the players (including you) just dont have the talent to make it enjoyable any more, there are a few good players like hernandez that make it fun to watch but overall the play in orlando STINKS!!! that may be a reason why people wont show up or bring friends but at miami where there is world class jai alai i believe its just the overall depressed feeling you get when you enter an empty building and with a boring announcer and the players just going through the motions it makes you not want to return? thats my take on things!


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