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Posted on August 27, 2011 at 04:17:55 PM by Tiger

The criticisms here have been earned, panch0, and are the inevitable aftermath of conscious management decisions. All true, all deserved. I find it hard to pour out enthusiasm for an organization that has shown such blatant disregard for its patrons over recent years. Yes, they have a great roster and are keeping the game alive. I honestly thank them for that, but that's where it ends.

And, you should certainly not be proud of the fact that no one at Miami reads Chalk Talk. Can that mean that they don't know there are issues with the website? But, it does support the view that they have little interest in their customers. Chalk Talk is one of the last bastions where the few remaining jai-alai fans can hunker down and talk shop. We're not degenerates, and none of us wants more than to see a glorious revival at Miami. They ought to be grateful for input and interested in what we have to say.

And, please, no more of these "give them time" comments. What does that mean? We'll clean the bathrooms after we rebuild? Our new website will be magnificent?

Wanna bet the jury is still out on Irastorza?


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