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Posted on August 27, 2011 at 12:58:41 PM by Bennett

Well I used to bring lots of people to jai-alai. We would usually have dinner at the clubhouse, move down to box seats, bet a few hundred each game, etc.

Last time I brought people to jai-alai we had to stop and eat somewhere else on the way because a few were hungry....and jai-alai doesn't offer ANY decent food. There's a couple hundred bucks the fronton could have made but didn't.

Then we got there and more than one commented how the place looked dirty and dingy. It is embarrassing now to bring people to the frontons.

After the games we wanted to play some poker. They had 3 tables going, the rest empty....but put us on a wait list. After 10 minutes one of them said "let's go play at the Hard Rock" so we drove there.

And of course once there everyone had a great time, tons of places to eat, drink, gamble, shop, etc.

Nobody from that group has been back to jai-alai. They go to Hard Rock every month.

Maybe if the frontons weren't complete dumps then people like me would bring more people there.


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