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Re(10): If it was your job.., Sandra

Posted on July 13, 2012 at 10:59:54 AM by Bob Rheiner

first I must say it would be easier to try to cure cancer. because Jai Alai is suffering along term illness which has it near its death. Since Jai Alai is a paramutual sport restrictions do apply. The hottest gambling sport is Poker today. In order to draw an eye back to the sport you would need to use poker to draw new fans to Jai Alai. It would take a mutual agreement between all frontons with poker rooms to open a Jai-Alai poker series such as wpt and draw tv exposure with Jai Alai in the background. The series needs large payouts to draw the big names. That might have a chance but co-operation between fontons I think will never happen. Well if it don't work at least I drawed a salery for a few years like most management.

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