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Re(8): If it was your job...

Posted on July 20, 2012 at 01:20:43 AM by jaialaitv

The Dania purchase plan that fell through was ambitious, but along the right direction it needed to go.

You need a upscale or nice chain restaurant and a couple bar food type places (ie Chili's). You need a full bar/lounge and a nightclub, not some cheesy converted room either. Couple that with a renovated seating area for the games and convertible court to stage area with VIP seating.

Free up your Friday and/or Sat night for concerts, run Jai Alai Tues-Saturday.

I got tons more, I could put an entire prospectus together for a rich investor. Simply put...so you want to own a casino? Everything else falls into place. Build everything around the court so it is visible always.

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