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Re(3): If it was your job...

Posted on July 10, 2012 at 09:01:47 PM by Gabe

No current/active major sport owner or pro player would ever be allowed by the commissioner of their sport to be involved with jai alai due to the gambling that is involved, Mark Cuban included. You would have to make jai alai 'cool' to the younger crowd and like be something that would be trending on Yahoo or something like that. Maybe contact all the actors/musicians agents out there and see if they could find a spokesman who would be willing to promote jai alai. Would be hard but maybe someone is out there. Would have to hit a home run, even if the actor was older like a George Clooney-ish age. It needs to be a big name. If it were an athlete would have to be an older retired athlete or even better, a younger one that was forced to retire due to an injury. Or one that was deemed not able to perform anymore in their sport and talk them into being a spokesman for jai alai and since they are world class athletes, maybe even give them intense training for about a year and throw them into early games at a fronton.. such like Terrell Owens or Tomlinson who just retired, Ricky Williams or seeing Mike Piazza firing bullets from the back wall. Will cost some cash but maybe not as much as you think due these guys have such big egos in such being a pro athelete, just the challenge of playing another sport might entice them. Imagine if Michael Jordan or Bo Jackson had left their sport to try to play jai alai back in the day. I don't know how feasible it would be to teach a pro athlete in 12 months or so to play competitive jai alai, but they are the top of the top athletes.I don't know how much it was cost to hire someone as a spokesman, tape a couple commercials and make some appearances. It is a pipe dream but the sport needs to utilize current people in the news and turn the sport to conicide with current hot names that people can identify with. If not hot names, at least names people have heard of.
For Miami,cross promotions with the casino , such as free vouchers like $10 or something for people that take the bus's to the casino and get them to enter the fronton. Then maybe they will stay for a couple extra games and before you know it, they just might make it a habit so each time they come back to the casino its a natural stop for an hour or so as a change of pace to sit in the fronton for 3 or 4 games.

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