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Re(2): American frontcourters

Posted on April 8, 2011 at 01:44:03 PM by Bennett

I only got to see Mark play once, but I do remember that he was involved in a point that went on forever and made many great catches.

Since I'm not the expert on him, I will throw out where he ranks on this list (which should have been titled top 10 American fronts)

My hunch is that Mark would not be in the top 5, which for me is Joey, Kent, Benny, Billy, JJ. I believe those players were all better than Mark. So i would have him at 6 at best or 8 depending on if he was better than David or Owens.....that is a tough call based on the small amount of play I saw.

Was Mark better than those guys? Was he better than Adam, Tevin, Roger??? How about Randy?


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