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Re(2): American frontcourters

Posted on April 9, 2011 at 10:34:42 AM by crab

1. Joey-Easily the best!
2. Billy-Medal winner in the Mundial as an amateur.
3. Owens-One of the best left side rebotes the game saw.
4. Benny-Flame thrower with kill shots to boot!
5. Kent-When he was on he could easily move to number 2.
6. Adam-hung with the best, great left!
7. Tevin-So athletic won tournaments over seas with the best!
8. Scott-Another medal winner along with Billy who deserves to be mentioned!
9. Randy-An olympian who paved the way, wicked reverse that was wallpaper!
10. Zelenka-great serve and complete game!

I never saw Mark play but heard he was the man and am sorry to those who knew and loved him. Mario Mercado had so much ability but couldnt shed some demons. corky one of a kind wall climber who could hang with anyone I saw him throw a homerun with his right side after cutting the serve! David ll one of the strongest singles serves there was and managed to help control Daniels dominance during strike in singles. Williams great left side rebote that he could score from aanywhere with!


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