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Re(1): American frontcourters

Posted on April 8, 2011 at 03:50:27 PM by David II

Mine is based on accomplishment.....tier level.

1) Joey / Miami- Dania
2) Benny Bueno / Miami
3) Kent Goetze / Miami - Mexico
4) Billy Schofill / Miami - 1 week in Milford
5) David Stark - Melbourne-Daytona-Dania
6) John Farcus - Melbourne-Daytona-Orlando
7) Bobby Hirsch / Dania-Milford
8) Mike McGee / Hartford
9) Hobie Owens / Tampa
10)Randy all over the world (First American frontcourter ever, friend to all, and great mentor!)

Now if Benny came out of retirement and played Goico, would he be number 1 of all time? Could Benny beat him in his day??? I would have to say........

I think Mark on any Given night could beat anyone of these guys. I know Mark could not crack the late games in Miami, however he did go to Millford and peak. So he is right there. Another player who should be at the top was J-J, complete talent, ability, power, right and left and perfect form!


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