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we have forgotten many

Posted on April 10, 2011 at 08:44:26 AM by Chordo

much harder to track post-88, although many notables came out at this time. Having g competed directly against many old-timers, I think worth commenting on:

Mark - As other posters noted,much more than an afterthought. Although he had many internal struggles, he was a solid, highly comteteive late-gamer anywhere with many weapons,a complete game and killer instinct.

John Farkas - I saw some mention below. If not for the knee injury and a few inner demons, John was extremely talented and could have been a solid late gamer anywhere. Few others could catch, kill and 'read' the court like him - also the funniest dude ever.

Dan (from Daytona and also with inner demon), Dan could catch kill rebote.. everything. A high performiung late gamer. Just not motivated

Gilbert - Also mentioned below, had a complete game and was solid late-gameer against tough comp. I think his game was still improving up until the strike.

David - Great natural catcher. Excellent rebote. Could have held his own with anyone despite limited offense.
J Echaniz - fast strong, inconsistent and wild. Coud literally be the best or the wort at any given time.
Mazza (so so , but a pioneer)
Mike? (newport)
Hernandez (pot head of AAJA fame)
Scott Kesler?
Just gettin started


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