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the best kill shot ??? and who threw it best.

Posted on May 10, 2012 at 03:15:01 PM by pelotapete

now i am sure we are gonna hear about the inclan and such players.but for me ..well i was in the hartford fronton an awfull lot while they're not in a performance. and i was watching ALBERDI..(you know the asst. players manager at dania.) he had perfected a shot..well it was an ez winner. he would catch the pelota on his backhand above the shoulder at about the overserve line., and throw the pelota backhand over the top, and strike the frontis at the very top with power. the pelota would make a frozen rope to two inches short of the back wall ..clack-clack don't come back !! i watched him throw 6 out of 10..later that night he did it twice ,,both for ez winners...man he was as tough as nails..iron man forsure. always gave his best. a real pro.


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