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Posted on May 12, 2012 at 00:56:41 AM by dos_paredes

Can you imagine if just 100 women would go to the fronton at night to start the season,
by the 3rd week it would be standing room only! A return to glory days! I myself have
not seen a live Jai Alai game in almost 20 years (long story--nothing criminal--Las
Vegas--the Pacific NW--yadda,yadda) but I'm sure I would be in shock by what I remember
of the atmosphere and (lack of) excitement. It was/is the most beautiful game. Got to make
it down to the closest fronton (Orlando--10 hour drive) soon! I am excluding Hamilton and
Ocala (both closer) as options. Too bad about Ocala. Used to go to Ocala in the mid '80s
and it was awesome! Now I understand it's just a complete joke. I'm rambling. Good night.

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