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Re(3): Are single champs mostly frontcourters?/name some backs.

Posted on October 5, 2011 at 08:35:50 AM by JaiAlaiUSA

The first player to come to mind for me was 'Atain', Dania's George Z was right there, so I'll just add some info on this great backcourter
A natural phenom in the sport,Atain won the Backcourt Championship as a rookie at Dania in the 1992/93 Winter season. It was one of seven backcourt championships he won. Three Most win titles, 4 singles Championships, the NAJF Tournament of Champions, Citrus Invitational,Dania/Miami Summer Showdown, World Series of Jai-Alai, there isn't a championship or tournament Atain hasn't won.

Atain will leave behind some stellar statistics

* 10,736 games played,
* 1897 wins
* 1,537 places,
* 1,447 shows,
* a .176 win percentage &.455% in the money

And don't forget about the Olympic Gold Metal he owns from the 1992 games in Barcelona.

Dania Jai-Alai will honor #11 Atain in a ceremony on the Dania court on Friday night August 30th. Everyone from Dania would like to wish Atain the best of luck in life and thank him for all of the great memories he provided us.

Numerous knee surgeries have forced Atain to an early retirement. He's made several comeback attempts in the last few years,including his run for one final backcourt championship in the 2000 summer season. Bit Atain has decided that it's time to hang up the Cesta, time to give his worn down knees a rest. Yet, one still wonders what could have been for this Jai-Alai star if he hadn't been bitten by the injury bug so often.

Atain was the top star because nobody wanted it more, he was the greatest because he studied,practiced, and performed harder than anyone else who stepped foot on the court. Atain's picada throw was in a league of it's own because he learned the technique better than any other player of his time. And Atain's backcourt caroms were the most lethal because he threw them with the most explosiveness and with the most accuracy.

And with saying that Mr.Jai-Alai would like to give the 'High Cesta' to #11 Atain.

NOTE: Atain's name was left on the Summer roster until just before his retirement Ceremony, probably with hope he may again attempt another comeback but it was not to be. His name was removed from the roster on August 25th,2002.

* Atain was 5'11" tall and weighed 199
* Born: December 21,1969
* From Markina Spain
* According to his Bio he was Honest,
* The serious type
* He prayed everyday,
* Didn't like it when people would cry after every point
* Favorite food Steak
* Hobbies Basque cards 'mus',
* He also loved soccer
* The Proudest moment in Atain's life was when he won the Olympic Games in 1992 and when he won the NAJF Tournament of Champions in 1996

This article was originally written by Dania's former Mr Jai-Alai Todd Sorensen


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