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Radar guns are over-rated

Posted on August 26, 2010 at 07:38:47 PM by Craig G

Just my opinion, but if you gave me a choice of 2 pieces of equipment at Dania, I would choose a high-speed camera over a radar gun every time.

150 MPH is 220 feet per second, which means that modern cameras which do 100,000 fps or even a million would have no trouble giving us all the information we need. How fast is the pelota traveling on average when it comes off the wall to the frontcourter? How much has it decelerated by the time it reaches the back? What does that say about the need for a faster reaction time in the front? How about the Magnus Force?

All of these questions could be answered without resorting to mythology.

The thing to do is to persuade some physics students to do a project on this. Good publicity, too.


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