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Re(6): You are correct

Posted on August 29, 2010 at 02:03:10 PM by Doug373

No it is not a pelota, that would destroy a cinderblock wall and be too fast on a 110' or so court. It's not a lacross ball (too heavy). It is some kind of plastic ball that Matt puts some thin tape on. He found this ball somehow and it has proper size, weight, bounce properties. He basically designed the court for this ball.

I haven't played on the court have some physical problems with my feet, not sure I can even play anymore after 25+ years off. The level of play is quite good with a lot of ex-pros present.

I think he will succeed with this venture....but it would be better if it was right near a pro fronton like Milford and AAJA. The location is a bit hard to find the first time you go there....but the core players will find it and come back, as it is the only realistic place to play. I'd like to see some more young players get into it (if I was Matt), but it is tough to do that while also being a mailman.

I was exposed to the game in a 7th grade (or so) gym class....a guy came in with cestas and showed us the game, from there got my Mom into Milford Jai-alai (she became a lifelong fan). I went on to play at the Y in New Haven, then AAJA....even still played a bit in the mid 80's when I moved to Ca in 1982 (in Tijuana and Vegas).

I'd do something like that if I was Matt, but he can't with the
USPS job and I know he can't give it up.

Matt works constantly. He was a mail carrier and jai alai player at the same time when he played pro for a few years ! Amazing!

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