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you won't like this ..but it is the truth

Posted on October 9, 2011 at 10:45:58 AM by pelotapete

first of all let me say this...i love the game of jai-alai...i bet it every day. but i tell you all this. jai-alai is a professional sport with very few professional players..i say this because i watch every game played at dania and miami...when i'm at work i record them and watch them when i get home. i study what i bet on ...i'm no fool..with that being said, the attitude of jai-alai players is in no way even close to professional. the total lack of effort and the oh well i don't give a crap attitude is getting worst everyday. oh they all take turns with a little flash of talent. but when they are suppose to win easliy they don't lift a cesta to play...seems the more money bet on any given player tells how well he plays..if there is alot of money bet on any team..the effort is non apprent...the most common told lie in jai-alai is....A JAI-ALAI PLAYER ALWAYS PLAYS TO WIN....BULLSHIT !!!! YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND LIVE IN THAT BUBBLE AND IGNORE REALLIY BUT THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH... you all can live in total denile.. but the betting public is not blind or stupid..jai-alai is no longer a good bet to any gambler..when a gambler bets he wants pure honest effort every point..because that is what a professional player should do...and when they don't see it...they leave it and bet other things...i am a gambler..pure and simple..i'm not ashamed of that fact..i win in excess of 50,000 every year. but i am betting jai-alai because i love the game and want it to make a comeback...but it is in no way a good bet for me..i really should stop betting it..but i just can't bring myself to turn my back on the game i love so much..oh what to do...what to do..i know that i am at least 40 dollars a game bettor..so i account for about 500 bucks of handle a performance...but when i see players with game point standing in the middle of the concha flat footed waiting for an ez rebote, and he throws it to the side wall and the pelota goes straight across the concha to the wire fence, not even to the frontis at all...well don't you dare say the word professional player to me...in say BULLSHIT !!!!!!


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