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Re(2): you won't like this ..but it is the truth

Posted on October 9, 2011 at 02:08:01 PM by Gabe

I have to disagree. I feel 99% of atheletes in any sport have to be highly competitive whether playing their own sport or just a pick up softball game or a badminton game in a relatives back yard. They don't play sports at that level by playing to come in 2nd. Also throw in getting $$$$ for winning and in doubles a partner who counts on you, there is no way they would be dogging it. Also throw in a State official who would fine and or suspend them or the fronton. No Way. Doesn't matter if the place was packed or empty. Personally I cannot stand to lose playing any sport, any game, every game. I do agree one can get a perception that it looks like someone is not hustling or trying but I feel that is basically an illusion. And no, I am not smoking weed.

This reminds me of Herm Edwards quote when he coached the Jets..

You PLAY to WIN the GAME.


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