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my reply to the kid

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 07:22:17 AM by pelotapete

ALL CAPS, POOR SPELLING, himmmm you must be an englih teacher..no ??? then why so anal ?? now i do realize you are perfect, but please let the rest of the world live even if they can't spell well and leave the caps on sometimes. i am just expressing myself and giveing my opinions. and if it upsets you...well i can live with that..after all who the hell are you ??? when it is all said and done you are what you are...i am a supporter of jai-alai. i bet alot of money on jai-alai. and i think that gives me the rite to express my feelings. how about you ?? you a talker or a bettor ??? if you don't bet then you are just another paper clown !!!! so all things being equal,,,,BITE ME !!!!!

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