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and there it is......

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 06:14:02 AM by pelotapete

that is what is happenning to jai-alai today. the statement that jai-alai players can do no wrong. they always play to win,don't trust your own eyes, just trust in a game period.to me it is very evadent that anyone who has concern and voices thier opinion gets attacked like they are the ones killing jai-alai... i am 63 years old have been a jai-alai fan and bettor for over 35 years. now let me reply to your 3 questions.

1. no i am not going to stage a boycott. no need they are doing enough to kill the game on thier own.

2. no i can't throw 120 mph rockets anymore, arms and shoulders and just getting old. but maybe if they use the same radar gun and formula they used when they set the record of 188 mph...

3. my backhand outside placement was always my favorite and best shot, but i can't hardly throw much at all no more.. but i still try....

now let me tell you some thing..this may sound like i'm mad , but really i'm not.
i read all the posts here and how everybody loves jai-alai and wants to do anything they can to help the sport make a comeback. nice words... but just words. period. what is going to save jai-alai ??? a lot of talk, or maybe,,,just maybe if all you people would do what is really needed...bet the games !!!! wow !!!!! how come no one ever thinks of that ???? oh i see you love the game as long as it doesn't cost you a penny. i put my money in play in jai-alai everyday..now when i say i bet at least 40 dollars a game. i do...but i cash winners and that keeps me betting all day. some weeks i do really well ,some weeks not so much. but i keep the money going thru the machines, because that is what the game really needs now. i feel i am helping to keep jai-alai alive. and if i see something i don't like, or that concerns me, i will always voice my opinion. if you people don't like what i post, well i am more than willing to stop posting here. and maybe i should brush up on my spelling...really ??? PARDON ME !!!! i didn't know we were going to be graded on our spelling...i really never was a good speller anyway. as you can plainly see..lol
betting jai-alai one time a month is not good enough. betting jai-alai only when the citrus is going on, that is good,,,but you need to do more. i work for a living and i am not rich. i earn about 70,000 a year from working, and maybe about 35,000 from my little catering company. so i put money into this game everyday...i love the game and i put my money where my mouth is..i am not just talk. but if you are really happy with the way things are going. well good luck with that. kiss the game goodbye people. the way i see it jai-alai is teatering on a very fine point now, and i think it is just being used to get poker and slots for every fronton, then they are going to give the big kiss off to jai-alai. why ??? because there is no money being bet on jai-alai. and there won't be unless you can get the betting public to trust and beleave they can win money..not 120 bucks for a trifecta...we need bettors...so keep bad mouthing and treating the betting public like crap and lets see how that works out for you...so go ahead and tell bettors to drop thier bets from $40 to $2 a game that i am sure is the way to go..NOT !!!!!! so now comon all you posters be honest...how much and how often do you all bet jai-alai, lets see who really supports the game. or who has to lie to keep up apperances. i am willing to guess at least half of you don't even bet one time a week. i know i shoot off my mouth rather freely. for the most part i am sorry for some of the things i post if i upset some people. but i just feel it is a good thing when people who really support the game sound off about the game. it shows a passion for improvement. hate me if you wish, but i am doing what i can to help, i'm putting my hard earned cash in it. how about you ??? just talk,,,huh ???? now how many are going to respond to this post with the truth. and how many won't respond at all because they don't bet at all...comon talkies chime in...who bets and how offten.
if you don't bet be man (or woman)enough to admit it. or are you ashamed that all you really do is talk. that includes all you former pro players. do you guys support the sport and put money into the sport? or did you just take the money and run??? and the players don't make good money. well why do they keep comming to the U.S.A. to be under paid??? it is a job !!!! you all know there are not alot of jobs out there. and playing jai-alai and getting paid to do so ...well what can i say...they keep comming over here to play for money , so it can't be all that bad.
now i am not saying they are paid enough..they do deserve more than what they get, but it is way far from minimum wage.and i can't tell you how many households here are liveing on just that $8.25 an hour with children. and work thier asses off in some sweatshop. so 30,000 to 50,000 a year to play a game you love to play. well you tell me...want to turn your back on that, and go to work at macdonalds selling fries. i think not !!!! you mean to tell me nobody even noticed that jai-alai is taking a back seat even in the name of the place.CASINO MIAMI JAI- ALAI...what does that tell you ???? HELLO !!!! i said this before and let this be on record, after a short time and the bettors don't support the game of jai-alai..well that amount of floor space would and will generate much more money with slots and table games. these are facts. and if you think they are putting money in to help jai-alai, well they are not....they only want slots, poker, and table games. all the other bullshit is just that, bullshit.. why else does miami keep crapping all over the betting public..they know the future. and it is not jai-alai, they have thrown in the towel years ago..they will treat you all like mushrooms..they will keep you in the dark and feed you crap..remember newport ??? pucker your little butt up here it comes again....they are going to tell you all the things you want to hear, and stick it in your rear !!!!!

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