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Re(1): jim

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 03:30:58 PM by Jim

Thanks, pete! Honestly, if you really want to be a true jai alai fan, you have to LOVE the game AND the wagering to feel all the anxiety when you have game point for that big paying 7-8-3 or you know something is going to pay well. And you also have to appreciate losing to a great point and applaud, which I have many a time. Sure, I hate losing, but the worst is losing to a poor play or total luck. Then again, how many times have I won from a poor play or a total luck shot, too. Jai alai is totally unique in the wagering world, and the reason jai alai struggles against larger or more popular dog track or horse tracks is because there is little aggravation. It's impossible to get to game point in any track...whatever runs is what it is, more or less. And it's over in a minute...minute and a half, tops. It's the excitement of the longer, well played jai alai games that draws the appreciation of fans, and that's what we need more of. We do need better rosters and better players. In time this could force those players not good enough to shape up or ship out to better players incoming. The overall problem is jai alai players are an extremely rare breed, and frontons off take whatever they can get. The end product is lesser well played games, and so many fans who come early get pissed an leave and don't even see the good product offered.

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