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Posted on October 10, 2011 at 06:43:30 AM by pelotapete

jim thank you for your explanation on this subject. you make alot of sence. and i agree with you 100%..i am not complaining about loseing money.. i don't lose too often. i would surely say i'm way ahead. i'm doing fine..it's the game itself i worry about. i don't want to lose it. you have always been very understanding and kind to all posters here and i want to thank you for that. but jim that is just what i am saying these players have to stop this on and off effort for periods of time...that looks very bad for the game.i am in no way saying that jai-alai is crooked. but what the public thinks is the most important thing here...ask the average bettor at a otb...get thier opinion, see what they are saying why they don't bet jai-alai anymore.what they see makes them think bad things about this game...so they say it is fixed..because they see the lack luster attitudes and well what else are they to think ???? i'll tell you every game they think the players are setting up certin numbers to come in, or not come in...this my friend is happening everyday. i know i'm there, i hear and see it all the time. now you and i know better, but we are not the problem. getting the betting public back into jai-alai is. and what the players are doing and the frontons causes the reactions from the public..now calling them names and making fun of thier views is going bring an end to jai-alai in this country. i'm glad i work late nights 11:00pm to 7:00am so i get to watch and bet all performances.again thank you for being understanding and being a good guy..there are just not enough of guys like you..high cestas to you ! MAY ANY FUNNY BOUNCE OF THE PELOTA ALWAYSW LAND IN YOU CESTA !!!!!


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