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Hot and Cold players

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 00:24:51 AM by Jim

Pete, I can understand your frustration, but surely you can know that--as unfortunate it is to say it--some players run very hot and very cold, and as much as you watch and wager, you should be very, very savvy to that. I know I am when I'm attending Orlando Jai Alai or wagering on Miami.

At Miami, I generally see very good effort from all the players. At times, Enrique doesn't have it at all; he will just play a 'go for broke' style and miss, making him an easy drop in wagering and making it easier to wager Then, when he's on, and serving those aces in singles, look out.

At Dania, any long time jai alai fan knows--and I may take some heat on this--FOR A FACT, Arriaga runs really hot and cold, and runs that way day to day. Some nights, he comes out and doesn't have it; the next night, different story. And Solozabal? The epitome of hot and cold for much longer stretches. Laurent is the same way but even longer stretches...sometimes for weeks on end.

The absolute worst lack of effort I have ever witnessed in my life, for an entire season was Elizalde, the last time he played at Orlando. The prior season, he gave all out effort and was the most wins backcourter. The next season, he hardly tried and was pathetic. BUT, he was such an easy leave out in wagering. Second worst was Gallardo his last season at Orlando. The prior season, he was most wins champ, and the next season, with the addition of Barronio, he just threw in the towel, but again, and easy leave out in wagering.

We all get aggravated with wagering. It's part of the game. And I can't tell you how irritating it is to see a player overserve on game point in your favor in singles or even doubles. There is a lot of choking in this sport, just like any pro sport. Some have better mental games than others, and that's just one big variable in this sport.


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