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Re(2): for the record..

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 01:28:55 PM by pelotapete

that i know is true.over there they are real fans. hear i am sorry to admit the people are not really loyal fans of jai-alai. they are more interested in the money end of it. here it is a totaly different kind of situation. i hope i am not the first person to say this, but here it is what have you done for me lately. if you stop doing anything they are used to getting or seeing they get rather verbal to say the least. i am not proud of those people. but i don't want them to go away either. this is a corporation. and it runs on betting money. i am sure all the players don't really look forward to the verbal crap here in our country. and i wish it would not happen. but they want to get the money, and well i'm sorry to say that is where the money is. tell me how much money does a jai-alai player make over there day in and day out and yearly ?? and there lies the bottom line. if it was all that great where thier greatest fans are, why are they here ????? don't get me wrong i'm very happy they are here. but they make the choice where they play thier sport. true ??? so to me it says one thing, they are willing to put up with the bad things for the money...no ??? so how is that different from people who bet on jai-alai.. here they are in it for the money betting wise. know the nature of the beast you wooo....but i really do wish my fellow countrymen would show a little class. and i don't mean of the low variety.

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