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Re(4): What was the worst hit you ever seen anyone get hit with the Pelota ?

Posted on June 21, 2009 at 11:52:42 PM by TR

At the North Miami Amatuer fronton there were so many occurrences of broken bones, a lot of knocked out teeth and of course quite a bit of mopped up blood. I even remember one guy dieing on the court but that was due to a heart attack. My guess is that the cause of so many injuries on the amateur court was the inexperience of the players. Some guys just wound up and fired the pelota without having a clue where it was going. The frequent tip of the ball off the frontcouters cesta into the backcourters face/arm/leg/back/etc. was also a common cause for a lot of injuries.

Also it was Cuvet who turned a rebote into Regis' face and Arriaga's. Regis wasnt the best backcourter on the roster but when he teamed up with Beheretche they had a very impressive win percentage. The 'French Connection'

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