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Re(8): What was the worst hit you ever seen anyone get hit with the Pelota ?

Posted on June 25, 2009 at 09:00:20 PM by Bennett

From the NAJF rules:

"Should the ball hit any of the server's opponents, the Chief Court Judge shall decide whether it is a foul or whether the server should be credited with the point."

So it is up to the judge. Don't know why they used the word server because it would apply to either team, but maybe they were trying to state that a point begins with the serve and how it is carried out, etc.

I had always understood that if the judge felt the ball that hit the player would have never reached the wall then it was point to the player who got hit. The example would be a rebote thrown way low, hits the opponent but clearly would have never reached the wall.

If the ball in the judge's opinion would have gotten there but the opposing player got in the way then it is point to the team throwing the ball.

This makes sense. You wouldn't want a situation where a player could see his opponent outside on the wood and throw directly at him intentionally, hit him AND get the point!

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