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Re(2): What was the worst hit you ever seen anyone get hit with the Pelota ?

Posted on June 21, 2009 at 08:34:19 PM by avid player

Hey Kid,
I think you have the wrong data on this one. It wasn't Patrick (Cuvet) who got hit. In fact it was Cuvet who did the hitting. The player's name who GOT hit, was Regis a french back courter, who after 3 months and facial reconstruction surgery, almost like Arriaga's, tried to come back and play. He wore a clear face shield attached to his helmet, but after a short time left Dania jai-alai for good. Regis was Cuvet 1st victim, he went on to take out Andoni Arriaga, trying to save a rebote that everyone else in the fronton knew was a dead non-re-turnable ball.


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