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Re(2): Food for thought!!!

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 00:20:54 AM by Bennett

They also probably wouldn't know how to "follow" the rotation to see what they need for a quiniela or trifecta to come in anyways. Many people at jai-alai still can't understand the scoring and rotation system, and if they bet an exotic it is confusing for them to figure out who to root for, etc. I've seen many people with a 4/8 quiniela root for the 4 to win on game point only to then realize that post 2 was in second, got the place and they didn't win after all. That's why slots are so popular now - put your money in, press a button and the machine will tell you if you win. You don't have to figure out a sport, scoring, rules, rotation, any of that. Heck - you don't even have to know how the slot game works! The new video slots have so many lines that even if people win on a spin they could not tell you what the combo was that won or how much it paid until the machine shows it by updating the credits. It is literally blind players hoping lights and sounds go off but having no idea what is happening in a lot of cases. Our society is basically becoming dumber by the day and the games that play up to that are popular, not jai-alai.


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