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I think the Answerman said it best

Posted on February 18, 2007 at 10:29:04 AM by JayZ

When I first met Marshall, I was an amateur Jai-Alai player and he was already established. Marshall had great ability, He faced up hill climbs his entire career, his game elavated to a point where he started raising eyebrows at the Tampa Fronton, in the 80s, which wasnt exactly that receptive to American players, but he was improving and forcing veteran observers to take notice to a player with whole lot of heart, and disguised ability. Why I say this, its because to see him without seeing him play, you wouldn't think he was as talented as he was. He was a powerhouse of ability, desire, professionalism, and excellence. (He is the Only American BackCourter to posess real offense, but still have the savy of of strong defense) I have seen him play in Orlando, Tampa, and Palm Beach. It was real vindicating to see him finally get his contract in Palm Beach, when he was forced to punch tickets, to get to practice there. Soon after, he played just magnificent, he was holding his own against the great Bolivar in singles, then the strike came and he just demolished his competition. When it comes to American BackCourters, there is an elite group, and the names are Daniel, Sergio, Raymond, Chaz, Bob, Victor, Leif, Jimmy, Yogi, Bob Raz, Ron, Don, if I missed anyone I apologize, Marshall had the right, the left, the fielding ability, and the smarts, and most importantly,the character!!!!!! this game will never be able to replace a person with so much desire and talent, a man and an American player with so much class, he is unmatched. To the Answerman,..he was absolutely the best American player, BackCourter and PERSON you could ever be, or hope to be! Marshall, I knew you, and you are missed, and you will never be forgotten!!!


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