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Marshall Bio

Posted on February 18, 2007 at 03:28:09 PM by 4decadepro

As a frontcourt player...all I can offer as far as a bio is what fun it was to be paired with him whether it was Tampa, Ocala or Fort Pierce. I knew I didn't have to be concerned if I was not on my game...he would carry me. I knew that if I dropped an easy ball...he would tell me don't worry about it, lets go! next time up. If I messed up game point, he would tell me it's okay. Never did he shake his head or make me feel bad in anyway. How could I or anyone that played with him ever be upset if he missed a ball...?? When I looked at my upcoming entries and saw I was paired with Marshall, I was given confidence that not only did I have a good chance to win the game, I also was pretty sure of finishing in the money. Name my top favorite backcourt players over 26 years??? Marshall, Daniel, Kosca, Laca, Butler...too many to name, but Marshall was in the top 5!!!

He was my straight man in the locker room too. I was known as the prankster who either never got caught or you could never prove that I did it...now I know that 'outs' me to fellow pelotaris who knew but could only wonder if it was me...but in Marshall's honor...I will gladly say Marshall knew because I knew I could let him be in on it and know how much he enjoyed watching the fun...never saying a word...just that big smile and great laugh of his.

How lucky I am to have been blessed to have had him in a part of my fortunate life...I miss him a lot. We had fun!!!


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