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Re(6): Fraternity

Posted on July 12, 2010 at 06:46:54 PM by matt16

hello everyone , it is good to see a discussion of this magnitude on this site and very sorry i havent joined or chimed in earlier but i dont get on my computer very often. there have been many interesting things said here. first of all, getting the balls from the rafters is no problem, i have a lift !!!, so you can throw'em up there, it is fine. it has been said that most people want to compete against their own ability and that is very true and that is what a good players manager does when they make their lineups for a fronton. it is similar here as far leagues and things . it is true, i hate to label A, B , C players but there are different abilities and in forming a league that has to be considered. i think i am capable enough to put the proper players together when it comes to this. only a few times has it happened that the talent levels were so far apart with the players on the court that someone had to come off and usually a player knows this and does it themselves , whether it is the weaker player or the stronger. as far as " ex-pros being better than amateurs" i think that is totally wrong and unfair to say or think. i know that in my list of ' best players here' not too long ago, i included mostly ex-pros, but believe they are some of the 'cream of the crop'. right now i can guarantee you that the players mentioned in particular, (jon m., terrence, bob d, joe p, ed v. and others such as john blerch, brett brookman and a few others) are all fabulous players and to me can compete with anyone who comes out here to play. in my opinion, they are as good or better than many of the guys who played pro back in the day. you really should look at the player or players individually and not assume anyone who has played pro is automatically better than the next guy. honestly , it isn't all about competition at this point, at least for most of us. NO ONE should feel that they have anything to prove out here. we are all past our prime and realize that this game is the greatest game in the world and just want to play and have fun doing it. we all want to play well, granted, and even win when we can, but i dont think it means that much to most of us either way. i built this for all abilities to play and it seems to be enjoyable to everyone so far and a great form of exercise. and i am trying to teach as many people as i can or help them get better and welcome anyone who has the passion or interest to play to come down. we will find a way to get you to play at your level with others of the same level. anyway , i think there will be some very excellent playing here when this tournament comes around on every level. i hope that guys come down to watch some of the action if not to play. deadline for signing up is wed. july 28th and WHITE PANTS WILL BE REQUIRED !! thank you all very much , matt

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