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Re(3): Fraternity

Posted on July 8, 2010 at 06:29:10 PM by frontologist

I must admit, this string of posts is very good reading. I would call myself somewhere between recreational and amateur, well below the many excellent players mentioned here. I have played at Matt's 5 times now spacing it out due to a number of factors (recent shoulder surgery, out of shape, misc. aches and pains, age...etc.).

But I am having a blast out there. I prefer to play with players of my ability or a little better but I have played with some of the better players there and yes, even scored a few points against them (although they may have taken pity on me). Matt did an incredible thing by building this court. When I'm in there playing I feel like a kid again (at least in mind). Thanks Matt. And thanks to all the other great guys that play there. I'll keep doing this as long as my body lets me.


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