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Re(2): Help 4decadepro, DaveII, Goitiz, Gino

Posted on February 19, 2010 at 03:05:21 PM by 4decadepro

This has come up before...I will weigh in very briefly.

Front to back to front wall is stuff of legend...much like the Babe pointing before hitting home runs.

Legend has it that Chimela at Miami in the 60's while playing singles threw a home run from the 3 line that hit the lower red pad on the front wall...it was ruled a home run. I don't know for sure...wish I would have asked him when I was talking to him at a player function about 2 years ago in Miami, but it wasn't the time or place. He is quite a character as he always was...but that's the mark of legends also.

I did see Chimela at Miami in 1968 throw a home run that bounced on the 3 line...but I'm sure many posters here will say they have seen that from various players. I doubt it can be done wall to wall to wall.

I am going to e-mail Orbea...his dad (Orbea I) will know if Chimela ever did it...he would have witnessed it...and furthermore...knowing Orbea I very well, I know he will be very honest and blunt...whether it is true or bs.

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