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Re(1): The Home Run shot

Posted on February 20, 2010 at 00:19:25 AM by 4decadepro

The only alleged incidence that I had ever heard was a young Chimela at Miami Jai-Alai in the 60's playing singles throw front wall to back wall to front wall...I heard that legendary tale while I was learning as an amateur player in 1966. It was started by older amateur players who went to MJA every night and watched a young Chimela throw blast after blast. I started sneaking into MJA in 1967-68 and did see Chimela throw a home run during a singles game that bounced on the 3 line...but the alleged feat never went away once I started playing at Miami in 1968. Later on I heard that it hit the pad...but still...

Since this isn't the first time this alleged feat or possibility of anyone ever doing it has come up on Tiger's site...I figured I would get a straight answer and opinion from a player that played with and against Chimela while both were in their prime. I received this answer from the great Orbea I (usually regarded as the best frontcouter of that era ? one of the best in history). He said that while he witnessed Chimela come close...he never heard of any player ever doing it and in his opinion "is not possible."

So I believe we can put the legendary 'grand slam' home run of Jai-Alai to rest...but I do wish to add that while it took no particular skill to throw...it was one of my favorite throws to make.


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