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Re(4): Almost as impressive...

Posted on July 11, 2007 at 01:08:34 PM by expro

Hi Jim, as a matter of fact Charola was the one who threw it, [the homerun] and Eduardo returned it with the forehand. Ididn't mean to say that Eduardo threw a homerun with the right side. It was on a 12 game singles, and Eduardo threw a dejada, Charola barely got to it in the 4 line with the reverse while eduardo was standing in the 9 line, so Charola went for the homerun, and Eduardo just returned it. Then Charola got the ball like in the 4 line after one bounce, and nedless to say Eduardo had to walk off the court. I dont think is humanlly possible to throw one with the right. I saw Elorduy trying during a practice,and he couldn't do it. And if he can't,nobody can.


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