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Re(8): Almost as impressive...

Posted on July 12, 2007 at 11:23:03 AM by expro

I remember that Charola didn't have many friends, and he didn't talk much, but whenever he got mad, you better get out of the way. One day he had a huge argument with Urkidi in the middle of the court, and he was so mad, that he did't care about the fact that they were in front of an almost packed house. I also remember one time, on a saturday night, we were playing the last singles game, and i served against him, he received my serve in the 13 line with the right side, and he threw straight to the outside, hitting the lower cushion. Neddles to say, he almost took my head off, and he didn't say anything to me, or didn't make an apologetic gesture, wich in a way i understand, because we were on opposite sides during the strike. Next monday when i got to the fronton, he was waiting for me, and he asked me, if he could have a word with me, and i said, ofcourse. Then he asked me to go to the basket-room so we could be alone,and i remember thinking "oh my god" while i was walking with him. Then he apologized to me, and he said that he didn't do it on porpusse. I beleive'd him, and i still do. After all the hard feelings going on due to the big conflict, he was man enough to say that he was sorry, and you got to respect that. Funny thing is that he didn't say anything on saturday, he chewed on it until monday, thats how bad things were in those days, but again he apologized, and i apreciate that fact.


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