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Re(6): Almost as impressive...

Posted on July 12, 2007 at 08:41:24 AM by expro

Hi Jim, i'm glad you liked the story. I didn't play in Orlando. 20 years ago i was playing for World jai alai in Ft.Pierce, and we used to have tuesday's and thursday's off, so in our days off i used to travel to different frontons. For example, Orlando, to watch Eduardo, and especially Mendi a true artist of the game. Palm beach to see Bolivar, Dania to see Joey, Elorza, Juaristi etc. Miami to see everybody, and the list goes on. A couple of years later i went to Ocala, and i had the honor of playing with Arra2, Aramayo, Francisco, Eusebio, Javier, Kosca, Montilla Echaniz, Ron etc....And the next season, Orlando sended Olea, Bob, Reyes, Urquidi, Pita Charola etc. As a matter of fact Charola's locker was next to mine [scary dude]. And i got to play the same games as all of them, but with the tampa guys i only played, because alot of players, were injured due to inactivity, [we didn't play for a year] not because i belonged with them, and i have to tell you, getting my ass kicked day in and day out by arra aramayo etc.., was a pleasure. I was happy, just to be sitting with them in the cage. Then i played in Miami for like 275 years, or so it feels.


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