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Re(9): Almost as impressive...

Posted on July 13, 2007 at 10:49:37 AM by Pro

Charola was definitely one of a kind. He usually didn't talk to anyone but i remember upstairs one night he just started talking to me about jai alai and wouldn't shut up. What a player he was though.Jim must remember his famous losing the helmet during the point and kicking it to the screen and playing with no helmet. I must have seen that 10 times. the best time was when the strike was brewing up in orlando but not yet on and Charola was playing Bolivar with the striking Daytona players in the audience booing non-union players and cheering union players. Well Charola didnt like that too much and played the point of the century against Bolivar and beat him and looked up at the Daytona players to see what they had to say. I think if there was no screen there he would have went up there and choked every single one of them.

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