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Re(7): Almost as impressive...

Posted on July 12, 2007 at 10:37:31 M by Jim

275 years! Too funny. But, wow...those were the days of jai alai. I was so young back then...about 18, when I first started going, so I did not know anything about it, except I immediately loved it from day one. I did not not even know of other frontons...that's how new I was. And there were no simulcasts...so you had to be there to see anything.

You mentioned Mendi...I mean, I don't think I have ever, ever seen a player who could literally catch anything, all week, and never miss a ball. Beating him was really, really tough. He wasn't the most powerful, but it seems back then, most players were not, because they could catch all day, and they never went for a kill shot unless they truly had it lined up. I think the artistry and consistency of the game is gone...probably never to return, because so many of today's players, like Christophe at Miami, where it's always a 'go for broke' kind of style. Right now, everything is working for Christophe...in a week, who knows?

So, Charola was scary? lol. I remember him having piercing look, though I never met any of the players, except Echano and Calzacorta. They both used to hang out a a night club in Altamonte...both very nice, but scarcely spoke English.

I guess the players I can remember the most were, Said, Mendi, Charola, Eduardo, Urquidi, Durango Kid, Lecue, Angel, Farah, Uralde, Reyes, Pita, Chimela, Ricardo...wow...the memories.

Thanks for a great story. We need more of that from you!!!!


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