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If you could go back....

Posted on April 2, 2011 at 00:45:03 AM by David II

If you could go back in Jai-alai time, when would it be? Fom me it would be when I lived in So Fla or up north. When I was in So. Fla, Dania was closer, and going out afterward was more promising, but the reality was in the late 70s going to Miami Jai-Alai was incredible. I remember just having the notion of going for 3-4 late games, because it was that awesome to see, and your nerves couldn't handle much more. The Jai-alai was that good. There were always nights that were not as good as others, but when it was on, man it was on! Imagine betting on Jai-Alai when you had to decide between Juaristi, Cachin, Asis, Remen, Rufino or Joey in singles. Really? Because whomever you threw out of your bets would kill you and you knew better, but you had to go with your gut instinct. That jai-alai was in a league of its own.

I used to live up north and go to Bridgeport, how I miss that, imagine deciding between Ondarres, Egurbi, Churruca, Aramayo, Cachin, and Bolivar in singles, I mean Bridgeport Jai-Alai, classic old school, Basque traditional Jai-Alai. God, I hope the game returns to that greatness.

I wish I could go back just for 1 Saturday Night performance, I find myself missing it more and more...........

Here are some of the sights and sounds I remember, "Up Goes chimela" "Ondarres scores with a backhand carom" Guisasola throws carom....rejected by Bereicua", "Big bounce carom by Pardo is good for a pair" " all telebet mutual girls please report to the main window" "This game is played to spectacular 7 scoring" " Remen fires cortada", "Bereicua Blast good for a pair" "Bye Bye from Jai-alai", "Joey shoots the 2-wall carom...point and game post 7", "Now recieving in the brown shirt of post 7, 7 time world singles Champion AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAsis, "That is another ace serve for Aramayo the first", "Now serving for a perfect game in post 6 Jaurisiti" "Cachin makes the grab" "Now recieving in the black shirts of post 5..Ondarres and Echave", just one performance, thats all I want...


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