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Re(5): If you could go back....

Posted on April 4, 2011 at 08:45:51 AM by Peugeot

I don't think I've ever played behind The Dock...but I do remember Caruso...when the strike first happened they would have us all meet at Milford Jai-alai and then we would all board a bus and they drove us over to Bpt. Jai-alai, where we would practice, until they reopened about a week later...Bpt. used to have such a nice spread for us each day as the chef would prepare a great buffet for us up in the resturant that was on the 2nd floor along the front wall side. Anyways one day Caruso invited some of us over to his resturant that was located in the old Mall in downtown Bpt...but I cant remember what that mall was called...but the food was GREAT!!


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