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Re(3): If you could go back....

Posted on April 2, 2011 at 11:02:32 AM by Peugeot

Hey david,

I was just a little kid about 10 years old when Bpt. opened and my dad always took me...I loved it and it was just like you said....always packed, with an electricity in the building that just can not compare to anything else I've ever experienced..I loved it so much...then Milford opened up about a year later and my dad would take me to like the last 3 or 4 games coz they let you in for free after the 10th game started...but when I was 11 things came to a halt for kids in these frontons as then Gov Ella Grasso passes a law that you had to be 18 to get into Jai-alai.....I didn't see it live again until I started sneaking in at Bpt. at 17 yrs old...me and a friend used to take the city bus right to the fronton and sneak past the door check,go rite up the escalators to the 3rd floor and watch these greats play the game. And thats how I got into playing for the first time, after seeing the great jai-alai I wanted to try it. After my first throw I was hook on playing and me and about 5 friends bought our first dilapadated cestas and used to play under the I-95 via-duct near Stratford center..it was a one-way street which had a back and front wall. we used to use the insides of the Worth baseballs,which at the time had a solid hard plastic core and it was perfect for outside play...we also used to practice behind Franklin School...haha I remember when Hoey was about 10 or 11 and he would come to Franklin with his dad and throw around with us as he was just learning the game...also we used to play behind Birdseye school...we played all the time thats how fun and addicting playing is..wow I do wish I could go back...thoses were the days. Thanks Dave for bringing up these thoughts in my head


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